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Charlie Curilan is a Filipino-Dutch actor based in the Netherlands whose career ranges from acting, advertisement modelling, and acting coach.

He started his professional career as part of the original cast in the Dutch version of the Broadway hit musical Miss Saigon in 1996 and then again in 2014 for the Sweden ensemble. His earlier appearances include Dutch TV series Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, Meiden van de Herengracht, and A’dam en EVA. He was nominated in the BEST ACTOR category at the 48-Hour Film Festival in Rotterdam for the short film, Stanley 911 and by 2019, Charlie won the BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Award at the Filmstarz Film Festival in Vlissingen, Netherlands for his role in Open Wond, beating other seasoned Dutch actors in the coveted category.

Charlie’s acting versatility landed him a feature in the Dutch comedy series Jos, broadcasted on the AVRO-TROS network. He is also a part of Fazant and a multi-awarded independent film Capo di Famiglia III. These are just the most notable films on top of other top-caliber 30+ projects and features he has been a part of in his career. (Check out his IMDB page for his full filmography.) In the future, people will see more of him as he is a cast as one of the lead roles in the international sci-fi feature film, Guinea Pig, to be filmed in Sweden in the summer of 2024.

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What the industry experts say about Charlie

Your vulnerability and the emotional life of your character came through and was very engaging. Impressive for someone only acting for two years.* Must be in the genes. Congratulations.

Alex D'Lerma

Director ( Los Angeles, CA)

Although I’ve only worked with Charlie once – in “Routine” – I was impressed and felt lifted by his acting on the set. Since then he has continued to impress me with his presence on the screen and last, but not the least, by his lasting and generous support as a brother in the film anyway.

Benjamin Gijzel

Dutch Actor, Drama teacher, & Director

Acting for the Absolute Beginner you’re acting students are phenomenal.  And I have to assume that is because YOU are such an incredible coach because one after another of your students’ performances were mind-blowing.

Wendy Alane Wright

Talent Manager

The Model Instinct

His acting abilities are extended to the advertising industry with his portfolio that includes, Heineken, ABN-AMRO, SNS Bank, Eurojackpot, Staatslotterij (State Lottery), Media Markt, Conimex, De Hypotheker, Hypotrust, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways), T-Mobile, Ziggo, Amstel Beer, Carlsberg Beer, Dutch Bargain Beer, and one of Europe’s largest global grocery chain LIDL. In the international scene, he appeared in a recent campaign of Roku (USA & Canada), a promotional film for Shell (Global), a butter campaign for Regalien (South-east Asia), and Delta Airlines (Global).

Latest Projects

2 episodes on Jos, Dutch comedy series, produced by AVRO TROS, streamed on NOS

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What the industry experts say about Charlie

Charlie brings amazing commitment to every story he’s acting within.  His total belief in the story leaves him emotionally available and physically transformed.  He’s a pleasure to work with.

Andy Garrison

Acting Coach

Charlie is a hell of a dude. On camera as well as off camera. While I know him as an actor who wants his lines a.s.a.p. so he can go over them and get into character even more.. he’s maybe even more fun to watch and edit when you give him room to improvise. Subtle and funny, dramatic and realistic. Charlie has all the traits of a beautiful human being and I can’t wait to work with him again and to see more of his ‘roles’ come to life.. Let yourself be surprised by Charlie. You’ll love him just as your audience will.

Rien Bexkens


Be Trained

Along with his performing career, he also gave master classes with workshops for theater and film acting to young artists at the Theater Arts Department of the Yew Chung International School in Hong Kong, the Big Ben International Academy for Music & Performing Arts in Jakarta, Indonesia, Broadway Youth of Cebu, and choral music students at the Philippine Highschool for the Arts. After he performed on stage at the Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam, which earned him a Diploma in International Professional Acting, he became a part of the faculty, teaching acting to a new generation of aspiring actors of various nationalities.

To further his profession, Charlie continuously hones his talent by training under first-rate talented masters like James Ciccone, a New York-based actor, writer, and director in the American film industry. His remarkable stints include numerous U.S. TV series and Hollywood blockbuster films such as The Irishman and Joker. He also joined an intense month-long training with an acting stalwart in the 4-state area Andy Garrision in Kansas City, Missouri. A future project is right ahead as he starts filming a feature Goldfish Breakfast soon.

All this hard work pays off as Charlie’s career flourishes. To date, he is the only actor of Filipino descent currently represented by UK-based talent agent, Stephanie Broocks, promoting his crafts to casting directors and producers for Netflix, Marvel, the Hallmark Channel, and Amazon Prime, to name a few.

Join the acting class for absolute beginners with Charlie Curilan

This class is specifically designed for the complete, absolute beginner. It can be a spring board to experience a sense of the kind of playing actors do to begin to understand how one might get better at it. Though, the class is also offered in a way that just allows you to come and leap into exercises and role playing in a very loose and non stressful way. Weekly, we work with some structure, and then just try to enjoy the ride..see what all of us can create together.

This class, The Acting Class for Absolute Beginners, it is part I of our introduction to acting. Later, if you wish, you may progress to part II with The Foundations of Acting to get a little more serious, and finally to part III with The Foundations of Acting with an Introduction to Acting for the Camera.

Very Very precise, very “welll read,” and always very very relaxed. haha. I left teaching at a film school in the Philippines in 2018, and then found one of the best Pilipino actors right here in the Netherlands. As I look again at the CoffeeShop scene, I see even more how damn good you were.. ..really, just excellent…Some got it, some don’ do. Shine on.

– Alex Murphy (American actor, director, and teacher)

Say what?

What the industry experts say about Charlie

The intimidating intensity in his performance took me aback, and when I met him he turned out to be a really friendly guy! If this was the guy who ‘soiled’ Jeffrey Lebowsky’s rug in the Big Lebowsky, he definitely would have paid up in the first scene.

Friso Seyferth

(Dutch comedian and writer,

I had a chance to work with Charlie when giving one of my workshops in Amsterdam. Charlie showed very early in the process that he has the ability to deliver a powerful and believable performance within no time of preparation. I was very impressed and moved by his performance. He showed a very professional attitude and adapted fast and easily to new directions in the exercises we worked with. I really hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future.

Tony Grahn

Director ( Los Angeles, CA)

I got to know Charlie as an incredibly hard-working actor who is very dedicated to his craft. Such a pleasure to work with.

Sebastian Gerold

German Actor & Acting Coach

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