I am Charlie

Charlie Curilan is a Filipino actor based in The Netherlands who started his professional career in the original Dutch version of the Broadway hit musical “Miss Saigon.” He has appeared in popular Dutch TV series “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden,” “Meiden van de Herengracht,” and “A’dam en E.V.A.” and has appeared in TV commercials, corporate films, and short films. He also joined the cast of the Swedish version of Miss Saigon for the Malmö Opera in Sweden.

This actor-singer is also a professional chef and lives with his wife and daughter in The Hague.

Your vulnerability and the emotional life of your character came through and was very engaging. Impressive for someone only acting for two years.* Must be in the genes. Congratulations.


Director ( Los Angeles, CA)
I had a chance to work with Charlie when giving one of my workshops in Amsterdam. Charlie showed very early in the process that he has the ability to deliver a powerful and believable performance within no time of preparation. I was very impressed and moved by his performance. He showed a very professional attitude, and adapted fast and easy to new directions in the exercises we worked with. I really hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future.


Although I’ve only worked with Charlie once – in “Routine” – I was impressed, and felt lifted by his acting on the set. Since then he continues to impress me with his presence on the screen and last, but not the least, by his lasting and generous support as a brother in film anyway.


Dutch Actor, Drama teacher, and Director
Intimidating intensity in performance that took me aback, and when I met him he turned out to be a really friendly guy! If this was the guy who ‘soiled’ Jeffrey Lebowsky’s rug in the Big Lebowsky, he definitely would have payed up in the first scene.


(Dutch comedian and writer, sketchcomedy.nl)
Charlie is a hell of a dude. On camera as well as off camera. While I know him as an actor who wants his lines a.s.a.p. so he can go over them and get into character even more.. he’s maybe even more fun to watch and edit when you give him room to improvise. Subtle and funny, dramatic and realistic. Charlie has all the traits of a beautiful human being and I can’t wait to work with him again and to see more of his ‘roles’ come to life.. Let yourself be surprised by Charlie. You’ll love him just as your audience will.


I got to know Charlie as an incredibly hard-working actor who is very dedicated to his craft. Such a pleasure to work with.


German actor and acting coach

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