The First Filipino-Dutch Star of LIDL Advertisement

Published and written by: Rhea Topacio (Chickatita Channel)

Charlie Curilan, the charismatic Filipino-Dutch actor who made waves as the lead in LIDL’s advertisement for airtight sealed containers. He is a seasoned actor who is a part of more than 30 independent films, musical plays, and multiple ads. A Best Supporting Actor winner in the Netherlands for the movie Open Wond. Now he is one of the recognizable faces among Filipinos in film, tv and social media.


With his more than 10 bookers worldwide, one casting agency saw his profile and presented him this opportunity to be in the LIDL tactical ad for app downloads. At first, Charlie was hesitant, and it took him three days to carefully consider the part. 

“I am contemplating if I can be an effective home TV shopping host, haha!”- Charlie

But something about the project got him interested, and he eventually decided to take the plunge.


Shooting day came and he was well-prepared for the grueling 12-hour schedule. The first part of the shoot is making the video footage, where Charlie, the overconfident salesperson character, had to persuade customers about the benefits of the plastic vacuum-sealed containers. The whole ad is in Dutch, and he must portray the persona of an American home TV shopping host! The language wasn’t that difficult for him since he has been here since 1995 when he joined the original Netherlands ensemble of Miss Saigon, so his Dutch is quite advanced for a Filipino. But to be a home TV shopping host with an exaggerated American accent is quite a hurdle. But as you see in the ad, he seemed like he didn’t sweat at all.

The second part of the shoot was equally challenging, as it required Charlie to record his voice for the advertisement. Voiceover work is acting without the actions. You must deliver the same emotion and expressions consistently, and communicate the message clearly, all in combination while portraying the role. With his innate talent, he was able to do a very effective job.

Without a doubt, Charlie loves the product he was promoting. The plastic vacuum-sealed containers- transparent, neat, dishwasher friendly, freeze grade, stackable, secure, with airtight vacuum sealing system available in multiple sizes, keeping the food fresh for a long time. “How I wish I was able to bring home”, according to Charlie. But he was happy enough to be a part of this project with LIDL, a global giant in the supermarket industry. 

He felt that he made a huge contribution in putting the Filipinos on the map through this project and more so through his talents.

He made Filipinos even prouder when the ad was released simultaneously with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s LIDL ad. Even if Arnold is an icon already, to date, Charlie’s video has a higher viewership rate. Charlie deemed this as an achievement and a symbol of the Filipino’s talent and potential on a global scale. He feels proud of himself that even if he is not the pretty boy type model, his features and talents are noticed. He hopes more projects will come for him and of course to other aspiring Filipinos in the industry. XXX